Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dance the Tango in Cuba

Was it today in paradise or
was it yesterday? Either
way, the sun was shining
and "From the Dust" was

With the help of a great friend, "From the Dust" went to Cuba. I'm not sure how Eva and Tate enjoyed the journey but I heard their good friend Hilda danced a fine tango.

Sometimes it doesn't matter where you are but what you do.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

From the Dust - Judge a Book by it's Cover

Our book cover is making an appearance over at - Judge a Book by The Cover. So come on over. Did Black Lyon do a great job or what? Tell us what you think.

Or as Tate says, just say it's good. Eva, of course, says be honest. Either way, come on over and join us.

The Cover of "From the Dust" awaits your comments - click here to check it out.

Eva Edwards and Tate Prescott Brown, "From the Dust"

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Date With the Movies

Some day I dream that I'll go to the movies. My favourite is Popeye. Maybe it's the goofy romance of the cartoon. Popeye always wants to do good in his own misguided way and he's so in love with Olive Oyle. Sigh.

Let's go to the movies.

I just love cartoons and you?

Eva Edwards

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Music Makes it all Better

There's nothing left. I tell myself not to be ridiculous but something sour is curdling in my stomach. Like how I felt when Mr. Edwards came home in a bad mood - only worse. Tomorrow I'm going out to seed the west half. The wind blew out what was planted before. Tonight, a prayer and then a little practice with the fiddle, maybe the curdle in my stomach will disappear.

Here goes.


Friday, June 13, 2008

Who Is Your Hero

1935 was the year that everything changed for me. It was also the year when I found Amelia. Amelia Earhart, she holds a torch of hope for a generation of women. In this picture she's surrounded by media as she's just finished flying from Honolulu to Oakland, California. The first solo flight of any individual - male or female - over the Pacific Ocean. Imagine!

I've never been near a plane. I saw one fly over the farm once and I ran out and waved my apron. The plane dipped its wings and now I wonder - what if that had been Amelia. What if I had actually waved at Amelia? The thought gives me goose bumps. She's my hero or would that be heroine? Either way, she gives me hope.

I remember looking at this picture and dreaming what it would be like to be that brave, that free. I went down to the church that day and played the piano like I hadn't in a very long time.

I don't know what it would be like to be Amelia Earhart, she is so different from any other woman I know, yet she is a heroine to so many of us, including me. I wish I could be as brave. But the truth is I'm not. And then there's Maggie, the farm is the only chance we have to make a go of it. And some days I'm not sure if we'll be able to do it. But it's only been a few days since Mr. Edwards died. And sadly, I feel free. Worse, I know Maggie is happier.

When things are at their bleakest I know I'll pull out that clipping of Amelia's. What do you do when life just gets you down?

Eva Edwards
From the Dust

p.s. I have a feeling that somethings going to happen the next few days I don't know what. But I had a disturbing encounter after Mr. Edwards' funeral. A strange man, dressed like a banker, talked like no one I'd ever met, we got caught in a dust storm Maggie and me, and there he was. There was no choice but for him to share the barn with us. But I get chills thinking about it - I'd rather not.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

There Were Always Dreams

Trouble rolls in like dust clouds
and it takes a good stiff broom
to sweep them aside
and a little touch of love

Some day Eva knows she will set that lyric to music. Something aches deep inside with the truth of that. And as she dreams she wonders what it would be like to have it all, be famous, beautiful - a starlet. But that's not her life and the music is a distant dream. And then she sighs and brushes her hair with a bristle brush and scrapes it into a bun before going out to tend the farm. She might not have much, but she has her dreams.

Life isn't always what it seems.

From the Dust

Thursday, May 1, 2008

From the Dust has a Home

It's been a long time coming. For awhile "From the Dust" shared a space on the web with her creator, Ryshia Kennie. Well she's still there but now there's more, finally a space just for her. So stop on by, read the news and get more details on that time in history, The Great Depression. Better yet, get to know the characters in "From the Dust".Let me take you on a journey.

1935 Saskatchewan, the prairies, a valley resonating with history, a love story plagued by the machinations of a small town full of eccentric characters. Welcome to "From the Dust", a community unto itself.

So let's go you and me - let me tell you a story.

Your friend in words,

"From the Dust"